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Harnessing Serendipity: Get a Peek at How Great Collaboration Artists Work

Finally, a book that will give you a good look at how today’s greatest collaboration artists plan, work and make things happen: Harnessing Serendipity.  In a world that often feels divided and conflicted, the over 60 individuals and teams interviewed for this book have extraordinary success at getting people to gather and work together. Each of them works differently, but all excel at harnessing the serendipities that humans inevitably present.


The book builds on the realization that together, we can be more powerful than we are individually, and the observation that collaboration is fast emerging as an essential critical skill in all walks of life and endeavors. The book is designed to inspire as well as inform.



Understand the Power of Groups and How to Create Serendipity

Let Me Tell You More About The Book…

The art of collaboration is a critical capability for the 21st Century. Great collaboration creates expansive feelings, new awareness, and experiences to remember … and increases both innovation and efficiency. It can even potentially save the world. Harnessing Serendipity reflects this by including several chapters on people who work at the highest levels of diplomacy. While there is a great need for a book like this, there is not yet a book precisely like it. There are some memoirs of people who have created events. There are coffee table books that feature the work of a particular individual or company. There are dense academic studies that look at collaborative experiences. There are books with checklists and corporate sounding culture change commentary. Different from all of those, this new book is created to appeal to those who need to get collaborations to work, or to work better. And that’s just about everyone. The emphasis on authentic, real-world stories
places the book squarely in the “How to” category. Each reader will find new ways to think about collaboration. The reader can pick up juicy, electric ideas that are worth reflection, and perhaps replication.
"David Adler.. knows how to get people to have fun, to connect and to stay in touch. Read how in Harnessing Serendipity."
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
Former Lt. Governor of Maryland and the eldest daughter of
Robert F. Kennedy
"At Cvent, we've always believed in the power of live events to bring people together and power human connections, and Harnessing Serendipity' is a must read for anyone who wants to unlock the full potential of these experiences. With practical strategies and insights that will help you boost productivity, foster innovation, and drive engagement--such as the importance of establishing immediate trust with your attendees and the value of seeking inspiration from unexpected sources-- if you want to make your events more impactful and memorable, this book is for you. "
Reggie Aggarwal,
CEO & Founder, Cvent
"A fabulous collection of personal accounts on the topic of collaboration. I’m a massive fan of how businesses can work together, and I believe in collaboration over competition. The book is outlined so well and there are several stories within each heading. Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC for the purpose of this review. Four stars"!

Kelly P

NetGalley Review
"This book gave so many insights into how you can carry out your ideas. I found it very informative and I will use some of these insights in my every day life." Five Stars

Sonja R

NetGalley Review

"This book was not what I expected. I thought it would be more of a how to and less of a collection of essays. However, that being said, this is a book is very insightful. I will revisit. It contains wonderful lessons and great understanding of how to treat others and collaborate. I recommend this book to team leaders and young professionals. Thank you NetGalley, David Adler, James Cornehlsen, Andrew Frothingham, and The Book Whisperer for the ARC." Four Stars

Heather Z, Reviewer

NetGalley Review

"Harnessing Serendipity is an instant way to inspire fresh ideas to foster higher performance collaboration. As the industry that at its heart fosters human connections, now more than ever we myst celebrate this acknowledgement that there is tremendous opportunity to inspire collaboration and solve for some of societies most pressing challenges when we gather".
Amy Calvert
CEO, Events Industry Council
"Serendipity - the secret sauce of so many discoveries, collaborations, and innovations. When people meet, everything is possible. This book shines a light on wonderful people and their skill to harness the creative energies that human connections can foster - it itself a limitless regenerative energy source.’"
Kai Hattendorf
UFI  The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry

"Harnessing Serendipity" is a must-read for anyone looking to unlock their true potential through collaboration. The book offers a unique perspective on the power of collective ingenuity, feat uring insights from 65 thought-leaders and change-makers across various fields. Through their stories, philosophies, and methods, readers can gain invaluable insights into how collaboration can revolutionize problem-solving, innovation, and goal achievement. The book challenges the status quo and offers a game-changing blueprint for fostering a collaborative culture that drives progress and success. Overall, "Harnessing Serendipity" is a groundbreaking book that empowers visionary leaders to create a brighter future together."
Shari S -Reviewer
Net Galley Review

About The Authors

David Adler
David Adler

David Adler founded and built the BizBash empire in order to give people involved with events the ability to “look over the fence” at what others in that highly-creative segment were doing. BizBash, serves the broad events, meetings, marketing and trade show industries with events, publications, website and podcasts. David, who grew up in Washington, DC, also founded the society magazine “Washington Dossier” at age 21. David is a sought-after speaker and facilitator, with particular expertise in hosting  Jeffersonian Dinners. During his time as chief of communications for the KKR owned media company PRIMEDIA, he oversaw numerous events and event marketing activations for its more than 300 media brands. 

James Cornehlsen
James Cornehlsen

James Cornehlsen is a consummate connector. As CEO of an Hispanic media company, he fostered cross cultural understanding. As a partner at a global executive search firm, he got people to think about impact, succession, and legacy. For the last 20 years he has worked with leadership teams to foster open, honest communications as a base for collaboration and higher productivity. He has been a Board Advisor with those leveraging technology to foster understanding of purpose at work; diversity of thought, conscious capitalism, and those collaborating with customers, competitors, and employee constituents. Jim is a frequent speaker on the need to pivot 21st century leadership and facilitates discussion among cross-functional, cultural, and cross-industry groups.

ANdrew Frothingham PHoto-topaz-enhance-faceai
Andrew Frothingham

Andrew Frothingham, a writer, has built a career around helping people determine what to say in all sorts of circumstances. Much of the time, the has stayed behind the scenes, helping craft communications that would be attributed to others. Through working at countless events, he developed a zeal for audience advocacy as a way to contribute to the success of gatherings. In addition, he has written numerous books, mainly light reference resources, as well as humor. His first career was as a teacher taught him lessons he revisits frequently.

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Now Available in Digital & Physical Formats